Sustainable Dairy Chain

The Sustainable Dairy Chain is a partnership between LTO – the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture, NAJK – the Dutch Agricultural Young People’s Association and NMV – the trade union of the Dutch dairy farmers and dairy companies in the NZO – the Dutch Dairy Association.

In the Sustainable Dairy Chain dairy farmers and dairy companies are working together on a future-proof dairy chain. A dairy chain, which produces high-quality nutrition with respect for people, animals and environment and which is highly valued.

The Sustainable Dairy Chain proactively takes initiatives to respond to the various sustainability themes. In connection with this, there is a continuous search for balance and an integral approach towards objectives and measures.

Seven themes

The activities of the Sustainable Dairy Chain have been divided into seven themes each with their own objectives and approach:

  • Climate sensible dairy sector
  • Continuous improvement of animal health and animal welfare
  • Maintenance of grazing
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Business models
  • Land-related dairy farming
  • Safety at the farm yard