The Dairy Sustainability chain targets a reduction of greenhouse gasses, production of sustainable energy and a reduction of energy usage. The progress of the sector is monitored independently by Wageningen Economic Research.


  • 20% reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2020 relative to 1990 and climate neutral development
  • 16% production of sustainable energy by 2020
  • 2% improvement energy-efficiency per year in the period 2005-2020


Currently, the main focus is on giving dairy farmes insights. Several digital calculation modules are developed and benchmarks are being set. They are used frequently. On the basis of the outcomes of these modules, advice is given to improve the results.


The activities are carries out by the Sustainable Dairy chain as well as by LTO Nederland and the dairy organizations. It is a wide range of activities, from research and specific advice to the development of techniques.

  • Visualizing energy consumption and advice on energy-saving measures, resulting from the Energy scan
  • Development of the Carbon footprint module. This module is connected to the Central Database KringloopWijzer. A benchmark is being set, which leads to more improvement in the future.


For the goal 20% reduction of greenhouse gasses:

  • The greenhouse gas emissions as a result of dairy processing (transport, energy usage on production locations and packaging) has dropped 9% between 2011 and 2015

For the goal 16% production of sustainable energy:

  • The production of sustainable energy increased with nearly 4% between 2012 and 2015
  • 16% of Dutch dairyfarmers has solar panels

For the goal 2% energy-efficieny per year:

  • All Dutch dairyfarmers have acces to the Energiescan, by which they can compare their energy usage with the use of relevant collegues
  • On more and more companies, pre-cooling and heat recovery are used
  • The goal to be 2% more energy-efficient has been reached. In 2016, the level of 2020 was already achieved. Nevertheless, the sector keeps striving for more and better efficiency
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