With pride we present the Sustainable Dairy Chain annual report for 2015. The annual report for 2015 has a new look. It presents the current status and activities of each theme of the Sustainable Dairy Chain: climate-neutral development, continuous improvements in livestock health and welfare, preservation of grazing, and protection of biodiversity and the environment. A summary is provided for each. And in this annual report, every initiator of the Sustainable Dairy Chain describes how their sustainability programs work towards a futureproof and responsible dairy sector.

In 2015 the Sustainable Dairy Chain realized some important steps forward. The number of dairy farms with cows grazing outside increased, the goal for 100% responsible soy was achieved, 25% less fuel was burned per kilogram of milk, and the use of antibiotics fell sharply. The Sustainable Dairy Chain also faced a few considerable challenges. The increasing numbers of dairy cows has meant increased emissions of greenhouse gasses, and as a result of excess phosphate levels the government has announced the introduction of phosphate rights.

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